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Luigina Rech

was born in Orte (VT) in 1957. She lives and works in Rome. Her artistic journey began in 1973 when she won a European competition for young artists (Arenzano GE).

In 1974 Luigina joined the workshop of Master Vincenzo Renzi, Master Mosaicist of the Vatican Studio, where as a student she learned the different types of ancient mosaic art. She now specialises in spun enamel micromosaic, a Roman technique dating from 1700 which she applies to the creation of mosaic works of art and jewellery. Her creative and original works can now be found in private collections all around the world.

Luigina has also gained many years of experience studying historical techniques and reproducing works of past masters and ancient art forms, including fresco, encaustic, and egg tempera, as well as restoration techniques and iconography.  Another technique she has mastered is the ancient art of Roman chrysography, working with gold leaf ("drawing on gold with diamond point"). Beyond her own creative endeavours, Luigina has enjoyed many years of teaching, passing on her knowledge of various techniques to others in her studio-laboratory.  In February 2010, she curated an interesting exhibition featuring work that students had completed in her studio, Micromosaico. The exhibition, "DE ARTE ILLUMINANDI " took place in Rome in the Church of Artists (Basilica di Santa Maria in Montesanto).  

*Rome, the Orsini Chapel "HIV - From banning to knowledge" (collective).
*Rome, Linux Club "Visions of humanity - Human Rights" (collective ongoing).
*Zagarolo (RM) "The Ariadne's Thread" (collective). Ed 2006, 2007, 2008.
*Rome, "Law for Children's Rights" (collective).
*Capri (NA), Cerio Centre "II Ed. Laetitia Cerio Award " winner (collective).
*Rome, 360 ° Library "The fountains of Rome."
*Amalfi (SA), Mao Museum Maugeri "Signs and Dreams" (collective).
*Rome, "The Wire Water" (collective).
*Messina, Ecolab "Bottles artist" (collective).
*Rome, the Artists' Atelier "150 ° Souvenir d'Italie" (collective).
*Capri (NA), Cerio Centre "Futurism in Capri" (collective).
*Sorrento (NA), Villa Fiorentino "Sorrento Art Contest" (collective).
*Rome, Villa Pamphili - Casino dell'Algardi - (participates as an assistant conservator at the conservation and restoration of stone).
*Rome, Santa Severa Castle -"Inside the Restoration" demonstration of the restoration of a icon.
*Piazza Armerina (EN), Diocesan Museum "opened Shipyards" (participates as an assistant conservator in the conservation and restoration of works of the Diocese).
*Rome, Basilica of Santa Maria in Montesanto - Church of the Artists "Patron Saints of Europe and EU Countries" (collective).
*Rome, the Orsini Chapel "... Magnani, Mangano, Morante .... "(Collective).
*Rome, Basilica of Santa Maria in Montesanto-Church of the Artists "Venite adoremus" VI Ed.
*Rome, Hangzhou (China), Berlin, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Crnomelj (Slovenia), "30x30 = 900" (collective ongoing).
*Rome, Museum of Roman Civilization "A window in Ancient Rome" Culture Week XIII.

*Rome, Galleria Savelli.
*Rome, Universal Rome Souvenir (permanent).
*Rome, Basilica of Santa Maria in Montesanto - Church of the Artists: "From darkness to light"
*Capri (NA), The Bookshop "Goldenblues".

In 2010 the artist exhibited in a touring exhibition "Mosaic of CAPRI ROME-lights" that visited three locations. The project, which was supported by several local institutions, has been described as an artistic blending of the stories of Capri and ancient Rome that merges past and present. The exhibition took place in Rome, the Basilica Santa Maria in Montesanto-Church of the Artists; Capri, Cerio Museum Exhibition Halls; and Anacapri, the Church of San Michele Arcangelo.

In 2011-2012, she collaborated with Studio Cassio - Mosaic Art as an artist and teacher.

Luigina Rech's works have been acquired by both private and public bodies for display in significant locations which include:
* Church of San Michele Arcangelo - Anacapri (NA)
* Diocesan Museum - Piazza Armerina (EN)
* Town of Anacapri (NA)
* Basilica of Santa Maria in Montesanto, Church of the Artists - ROME
* Edwin Cerio Museum - CAPRI (NA).

Currently, Luigina produces mosaics and other works of art in her studio-workshop in Via dell'Angeletto 11, in the ancient Rione of Monti in the centre of Rome (between the Colosseum and the Forum)

Translation © Linda Weiss 9 August 2014

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